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The Winter Huldrefolk Story Trail, “Two Boys Who Outwitted a Lake Troll”


The 3rd annual Huldrefolk Story Trail opens December 17, 2022.


This is a free, family friendly, .5 mile long circular trail beginning at the East Shilhon Road trailhead parking lot. When heading north on HWY 61, take the first left after the Knife River Bridge. Trailhead is located at the end of E Shilhon Road.


Self-guided storyboard stops tell the whimsical and heartwarming story, “Two Boys Who Outwitted a Lake Troll”, written by Norwegian storyteller Lise-Lunge Larsen. Follow along with two herring fishermen, Gunny and Tor, and join their adventures with the Huldrefolk-Hiddenfolk- of Knife River.


Trail Walkers may participate in activities as they meander along the trail while reading the story. The story teaches about herring netting and encourages values of generosity, courage and gratefulness. 


Dress warmly, step carefully and keep your eyes open for Huldrefolk. Who Knows? You may even see a Troll. Eeeeek!


The Huldrefolk Trail is sponsored by the Knife River Rec Center with support for Lovin! Lake County.  Memberships to the Knife River Recreation Center are appreciated.

Please take care walking on the slippery boardwalk and icy sections of the trail. Snowshoes, boot grippers and hiking sticks may be useful on certain days.

Heading North on HWY 61, take the first left after the Knife River bridge on E Shilhon Rd. Trailhead is at the end of the road. 


Heading South on HWY 61, take a right on E Shilhon Rd, before crossing the Knife River bridge. Trailhead is at the end of the road.

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