Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball this season was so much fun--just ask those of us who played.    And we still have at least two months of play left.  Our John Geist Court was used by both tennis players and Pickle Ball players almost every day during the week. 


Pickle Ball play is every Thursday at 9:30 for anyone new to the game, or for those who want a refresher and for those who were in their second or third year of play.  If interested in the game, you're more than welcome to show up and join us.  Or feel free to just watch to see if you'd like to play the game.  


If anyone is interested in beginner play, contact Mary von Goertz at and a time for lessons and play can be arranged.  


Big shout out to Lee Cohen and David Grong, for the many repairs done on the court's surface to ensure a safe playable court.  


Join us!!!


Pictured are Pickle Ball enthusiasts after a fun game!

KR Summer Fun!

Alex Comb led effort to repair sand and clear coat trail signs - they look great!