EEEK! There are trolls in the woods around Knife River. A particularly mean one has stolen a golden ring from a young girl named Silje and she wants it back. The Huldrefolk Trail is the path Silje takes to find the troll and now you can follow in her footsteps. Along this enchanting 1/2 mile self-guided walk you will encounter Huldrefolk, Magical Scandinavian Hidden Creatures, learn about them and how they help Silje, as well as many good tricks to outwit a troll so when you meet him, you’ll know what to do! 


Story written and recorded by Lise Lunge-Larsen

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The Stolen Ring by Lise Lunge-Larsen
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Directions: The trail begins and ends at East Shilhon Rd. If heading north on the expressway take the first left after the Knife River Bridge. Trail is at the end of E. Shilhon Rd.

If heading south on the expressway toward Knife River, take a right on E Shilhon before going over the Knife River Bridge.